Finding ways to increase traffic.

If you're on the interstate, the last thing you want to do is INCREASE traffic. But if your trying to get your blog seen by all the search engines, and get ranked, you have to increase traffic. I have been doing a lot of surfing, and "joining" different blogger communities. You may have noticed, that just about every day there is a new bauble or widget on my side bar.

I joined Entrecard, Social Spark, My Blog Log, Web Ring, Blog Rush, Blog Catalog, and Blog Mad, and Blog Explosion. All are great communities where you join and check out other blogs, and surf and drop. Drop meaning you click on that blog sites button and leave them a "card". Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy all these sites, and love finding new blogs. It is one of my most enjoyable pastimes. But to really benefit from it you have to be extremely active. I don't always have the time, no matter how much I would like to.

One of the best communities I've found so far is BlogUpp. Now you don't have to sign up as a community member, or surf and drop, or do any of those other things if you don't want to. All you do is list your blogs URL, and then copy the code they give, into a widget some where on your blog. This widget shows a thumbnail of two blogs, and when you mouse over them it gives you a partial paragraph of a recent post. If it is interesting, you go check it out. If it's not interesting, surf on and go elsewhere. The way it works, is they get a thumbnail of you page, and it gets randomly shown on other sites. The more readers who view your site, the more your thumbnail gets shown. The way it works is every reader who visits your site generates impressions for you. for every 10 blogs that shows in your widget, your site gets seen by 9 other blogs in their widget, at a 10:9 ratio. Even if your readers don't click on the widget, you still get impressions in the community and your blog gets promoted. So you really don't have to do anything but keep writing posts.

What this does is prompt blogger's to keep their content current and interesting. That is the best thing for the blogging community. It does not matter what your Blog is about, just keep it current and interesting, and people will come and read it. It's like that old saying "If you build it they will come", what movie was that from anyway?

I'm not saying you shouldn't join all these communities. They are great, and I will continue with them because 1) I enjoy them. 2) they do send traffic to your site. 3) I have met new friends through them I would have never met other wise. 4) I have found new blogs I would never have found other wise. I'm just saying there is one more easy method to get traffic to your site, and you could benefit by checking it out.

Just about every day I check both my blogs, and click on at least one site that interests me in the BlogUpp widget. What makes me go check them out is the excerpt from their post. When I find a good one I will all most surely sign up for their feed. I have close to 60 feeds that I am currently watching. Many of them I will comment on, but only if I have something worthwhile, in my opinion, to say.

In My Blog Log I can view some very interesting stats about my blog. They tell me where people come from, and what was clicked on in my blog, and what was viewed. I love checking this out, if for no other reason than to see where people are coming from. It can really help you to decide where to focus your efforts on promotion. BlogUpp, Entrecard, Social Spark and Web Ring are the most common places that generate random page views on my site. There are a few Google searches, and some Google "I'm feeling lucky" searches, I love that, I wonder what people think when then click "feeling Lucky" button and a link to my site shows up. I wonder if they are disappointed or amused. Hopefully they are not disappointed, and at least get some thing from my site. I have no idea how interesting it is to other people, but I have gotten some good comments on it.

I guess the best way I have found so far to increase traffic to my site is to join as many communities as possible, and stay active, and of course to make regular posts, hopefully of an interesting nature. That is why I like BlogUpp, because it encourages interesting content.

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Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

One great way to increase your traffic is to participate in tags and they have iPods in the Small Town Mountains?

Here's your homework, should you choose to accept it: You've been tagged with the 7 Song Music Meme. It's an easy one...Please visit Roxiticus Desperate Housewives to learn more.

Thanks -- Roxy

Eric S. said...

Thanks Roxy, I'll get right on it. I will have to come over and find out just exactly what it is I'm supposed to do though.

And yes we have ipods, but I only have a Shuffle, and only listen to it when I mow the grass.

Meghna said...

The article portrays your real experience wonderfully and the hard work! Thank you for sharing.


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