Censorship Is Alive and Well; So Sad!

I am saddened to say that one of my truly regular and favorite reads has been silenced. The concerning part is the reason. Evidently censorship lives on, this particular blog, Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal, has been ordered deleted, by the author's "Superior Officers". This saddens me to no end, for a couple of reasons. One is the fact that this young man has sworn to support and defend the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. It must be a terrible slap in the face for him. Second, he is a phenomenal writer. His stories have garnered a dedicated and very large following. He has managed to show the war from the soldiers perspective, with a satirical, sometimes brash, usually vocabulary laden posts. I feel the Military has made a serious mistake with this act, for they have lost a link with the general public. Lt G. has managed to keep the people involved, and interested in what is going on. He has painted a quality picture of what they are doing over there, for better or worse. No matter your views on the war, this is a singularly sorry day for the Military. I hope and pray the decision will be overridden, for I can assure you there will be considerable exposure for this decision. His archives have been rescued and saved, you can go and read his posts for yourself and see if you think he has done anything to deserve this. Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal

Lucky for us, his fiance, City Girl has registered a domain in her name to keep us all informed of his progress, and well being. The site is Kaboom, and has Lt. G's former RSS feed. I hope that she will post some of her feeling, musings, and rants for us to enjoy. It will be fun to get to know her as I had her future husband.

Mondays Writers of the Web will continue next week, sorry for not continuing today, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around all the issues of censorship.

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I just visited his site and wish I had found it sooner before it was censored. So unfair that things like this can and do happen everyday. Enjoy your blog!

Kj said...

Well said Rico. I just don't think I can improve on your post with any comment of mine. Kel

tashabud said...

You wrote another great post. It made me go to check Kaboom. Anyway,
I went to check it out, and didn't see anything that I thought would constitute shutting it down. Unless, of course, the LT. had written a post (which the military had removed that we the viewers can't see) that might jeopardize military operations. After all, he did mention that the military shut his blog site after he published a post without first going through his commanding officer for approval, which is probably the standard procedure for all the blogging service members over there. Or it could be due to plain insubordination to military rules and regulations, concerning the proper etiquette to blogging while in a war environment. If it's the latter, perhaps the shutting down of the LT's site is just a temporary measure--a warning not to ignore military protocols. If none of the above theories had been committed, then I see no reason for the military to shut the site down.

I wish you and your family a "Happy 4th of July" in advance.

Eric S. said...

Heath nut Wannabee Mom, Thanks for coming by. I wish you had found his site sooner also. He is a very talented writer, evidently too outspoken, but very talented.

KJ, where have you been, how's Pony, heard you were "Down There".

Tashabud, thanks, I read the post that got him in trouble, and what it boils down to is that his commander wanted him to be XO and he refused. Where he made his mistake was writing a post that did not paint his commander in a favorable way. I guess a person has to be careful about what they say about their boss, especially if he can read it.

On a positive note, Lt G. is still with his troops, and they have promoted him to Captain. here are a couple of interesting links about this subject.



Kel said...

Hi, sorry I've been away so long. Freakin' busy at PSI, and KCS also.

Yup, I had business meetings in Brisbane for a couple of days, so the Hubby and I took the whole week and bopped over to Sydney to see Poni and meet her new beau. She's doing very well, likes her new job, loves her new beau (and Randy and I like him too). It was great to see her, it had been almost 2 years since we'd seen her.

I am back to work full time (4-day week) at PSI, on the computer day in and day out, so I don't have much energy to be on the computer on my free time.

But I'm enjoying your posts so much I'm just gonna hafta cowgirl up and get on the machine more regularly! Love ya Bro.


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