Almost a record

OH but it was hot today. We almost broke a 95 year old record. It was 99 degrees, and the humidity was right on up there. I had a rough time of it, because I seem to have caught a freak cold or flu bug. Talk about miserable and to the symptoms of the flu, the unbearable heat. Makes work very difficult. I have tried doing a search for home remedies, but have not come up with anything interesting yet. I'm sure there's some real interesting ones out there.

I have found another food site (this one is right up your alley Kel). Actually She found me, when I posted on Tasty Internet, I mentioned one of her recipes that had been posted on a blog by another person. She left me a nice comment, and I went to check her site out. It's called Flanboyanteats She has some very tasty recipes. But what I really liked about it is the way she describes the food she is talking about. Brenda always seem to have a story behind all of her recipes. While I was reading one of her posts, I could almost taste the fruit she was talking about. It happened to be something that I have never had before, but sounded so good. Its amazing to me that a person has the ability to make me hungry or desire a certain food by describing its texture, color, and similarity to other food. I guess that just proves she is a good writer, and passionate about her topic.

Brenda does a lot of Latin cooking, and teaches a class on cooking. She posts about her favorites, and give a neat little story along with it. Really makes reading her blog interesting. I added her RSS feed to my Blog Rover, so I can check it out on a regular basis. Check out her post We Eat Great American Food Too. Sound absolutely delicious. I am going to have to find some of the ingredients she uses and try some of her recipes. I'm not sure how well I will be able to do it, but I'm going to have to try.


Nishadha said...

I see you still haven't added a favicon in your blog.Its easy to do and helps you stand out from the rest of the blogspot blogs.Check out my post about it.How to add a favicon in Blogger

Eric S. said...

Thanks nishadha, I'll come by and check it out. I still have to find a good pic to use.


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