Censorship Is Alive and Well; So Sad!

I am saddened to say that one of my truly regular and favorite reads has been silenced. The concerning part is the reason. Evidently censorship lives on, this particular blog, Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal, has been ordered deleted, by the author's "Superior Officers". This saddens me to no end, for a couple of reasons. One is the fact that this young man has sworn to support and defend the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. It must be a terrible slap in the face for him. Second, he is a phenomenal writer. His stories have garnered a dedicated and very large following. He has managed to show the war from the soldiers perspective, with a satirical, sometimes brash, usually vocabulary laden posts. I feel the Military has made a serious mistake with this act, for they have lost a link with the general public. Lt G. has managed to keep the people involved, and interested in what is going on. He has painted a quality picture of what they are doing over there, for better or worse. No matter your views on the war, this is a singularly sorry day for the Military. I hope and pray the decision will be overridden, for I can assure you there will be considerable exposure for this decision. His archives have been rescued and saved, you can go and read his posts for yourself and see if you think he has done anything to deserve this. Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal

Lucky for us, his fiance, City Girl has registered a domain in her name to keep us all informed of his progress, and well being. The site is Kaboom, and has Lt. G's former RSS feed. I hope that she will post some of her feeling, musings, and rants for us to enjoy. It will be fun to get to know her as I had her future husband.

Mondays Writers of the Web will continue next week, sorry for not continuing today, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around all the issues of censorship.

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Stop watching the speedometer, and start enjoying the scenery.

If you read the About Author section, you know that I spent a period of my life as a Police Officer. During that time I had a number of occasions when people would make the most unusual comments or do the most unbelievable things. Oh the stories I could tell, it is not good to know too much about another person's life when you live in a very small town. Many of these stories I will probably never tell, much to the chagrin of many of my friends, some things should not ever be revealed.

There are a few stories, mostly from traffic stops that have a comical basis, and some that after reflection relate to life. One in particular I was thinking of today, why I have no idea. When I stopped an older couple for going through town at 55 MPH, it's a 25 MPH zone. The old man was very nice and apologetic, but the violation was too great for a warning. Now the old man who was driving, was probably in his 80's, and was sitting there listening to me, but saying "yes dear" to everything his wife was saying. She was talking the whole time in a condescending tone and manner to her husband. I'm not sure he even really heard what she was saying. As I was explaining the citation to the gentleman, his wife who was also in her mid 80's, started in on me. She had one of those little old lady voices that people are always mimicking.

"Now see here sonny, I was watching the speedometer the whole time, and we never once went over 55 MPH".

"That's nice Ma'am I appreciate you watching so closely, but I stopped you for going 55 MPH in a 25 MPH zone."

"What 25 MPH zone, I didn't see one?"

"Through that town you just drove through"

"What town, we haven't gone through any town?"

"Ma'am if you will look over your right shoulder, you can see the town you just came through."

"I will not, we did not come through any town that I saw."

"well Ma'am, I suggest that perhaps you should stop watching the speedometer, and start watching the scenery, and find out what you have been missing."

Now I'm not proud of making a smart ass remark, but at times I just can't help myself. I thought the old man was going to choke or have a heart attack right then. He told his wife to be quite, and that he would handle this. He got out of his car, and walked to the back to sign the ticket. He was grinning the whole time, and said

"Thank you son I'll be mailing in the fine, and just so you know it was worth every penny, you just made my day."

After so many years, I have finally figured out that there is a life lesson in this story. We should all quit watching the speedometer, and complaining about how fast life is passing by. We should start watching the scenery, and perhaps jump on the buss or train to join in.

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If You Had A Choice

I have an interesting, somewhat theoretical, question. This subject came up in a Plurk thread the other night, and received a large amount of varied response. The question is, If you were given the choice between getting all the money you have wasted back, or all the time you have wasted back, which would you chose. You can only have one or the other, not both.

Sadly I had to think about this for a moment. I should have been able to answer without thought. The simple fact that I had to actually contemplate my response continued to bother me. What I choose was time. Thinking back to all the time I have wasted throughout my life, I would much rather have it back than the money. I have to admit there was quite a bit of money wasted also, but I feel the time wasted was more tragic, and far more valuable.

To get that wasted time back would mean being able to correct those mistakes I had made, and there are plenty of them. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we should get do overs, second chances are alright, but not do overs. It goes back to those Five Playground Rules to Live By. Just think of all the good you could do, time you could share with loved ones. Then again, I would not have learned those important things in life without wasting the time I have wasted. Perhaps the time was not wasted at all. Such an unusual and complex question when you really look at it.

Perhaps I have been contemplating things just a little too much.

Tell me what you would choose. Feel free to think about, I did.

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A Night Off The Net

Tonight I had the predominant urge to just sit back and enjoy a good book. Therefore I must apologies to those blogs I read regularly for not paying them a visit. Although I must confess that many of them have no idea I visit, other than an unexplained single increase in their RSS feed. I have a bad habit of being a lurker on many of my favorite sites. I generally will not make a comment unless I feel I have something to contribute, and I am far to contemplative to make spontaneous comments. For some reason I have to mull over what exactly I want to say. There is something about putting your thoughts into written form that makes them seem more potent, powerful, or maybe even cavil. I find it interesting, for me at least, that I will freely talk verbally with people I have never met, but feel compelled to be careful of what I write. Perhaps there is the thought that a verbal conversation can be forgotten easily where the written word is preserved for better or worse. I'm not sure what that makes me, careful, cautious, or maybe pompous. It is also interesting that I love to get comments on my blog, but for some reason feel other bloggers would consider what I have to say as trifle or annoying.

Anyway, I took a break from the Net tonight to enjoy a good novel of the paper back version, instead of the electronic version. There is something comforting about the feel of a good book. Each one has its own weight and texture, that adds to the experience. I know, that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but to me it adds to the overall adventure. Somehow it lets me identify with the story, or maybe the author. There is something basic, and fundamental about the turning of the page, and anticipation of what is coming next that appeals to my old fashioned nature. I suppose that goes to show that no matter how much I want to become more involved in the Internet and technology, I can not escape my origins. The glowing warmness of the computer screen shall never replace the comfort and repletion of a good book.

I will leave you with this quote from The Walking Drum by Louis L'Amour.

Knowledge is priceless, material possessions and money can be lost or stolen. Knowledge can never be taken from you, even if given freely you still retain it.

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Mondays Awesome Writers of The Web

As everybody knows, I spend a considerable amount of time browsing the web. I find on occasion, by many different means, some very interesting sites. I have a habit of bookmarking sites that I consider to be very talented authors. By that category, I am talking about people who seem to have that knack of transforming words into wonder filled creations that seem to capture the imagination and trap the reader like a tantalizing spiders web. I wish to share some of these with you, and with a little bit of luck, every Monday.

I found Magic & Moments at Dragon Fly Cottage the other night on my Entrecard spree. Lucky for me, I had a pain induced insomniac night, otherwise I may not have found this site. I know that sounds a little strange, but because of my tooth ache, I spent the night browsing the web, trying to "lose" my pain in thought. Magic & Moments at Dragon Fly Cottage is authored by Maitri, who has a unique way of losing herself in the written word not so unlike the rest of us that love a good novel, is a writer and independent publisher. She had written a post titled When Our Lives Echo A Book Which Echoes Itself that seemed to capture me, pull me in, and wrap a warm comfortable feeling around me. Maitri was writing about one of her favorite books, and how she could lose herself in the pages. She also told about how she loves to find a peaceful quite place with no distractions, just a little solitude, to read her book. I could empathize with her in that endeavor, for at times I find it difficult to find that place of solitude that allows you to completely enjoy your novel. I was also able to relate to how time seems to transform when you are engulfed in a great novel. I had to go and add her favorite novel to my wish list at Amazon.com, and hope to get it sometime soon so I can read it and try to envision where she was as she read it. Maitri's post is a must read, simply for the enjoyment of it. then if your so inclined as I was add her favorite novel to your wish list.

If on a winter's night a traveler
by Italo Calvino

Read more about this book...

Beaman's World found me, instead of me finding him. He left a comment on one of my posts. As I always do I returned the favor, by visiting his site. He had a beautiful poem about a butterfly, titled The Butterfly (A Villanelle) Beaman has an impressive skill at weaving words into poetic prose. He is also one of my friends at Plurk, and manages to surprise me with his poetry even in the form of a "good night Plurk". Beaman is starting up a poetry site, I have to admit that I'm not sure if he has it done yet, that should be a wonderful addition to the web. I will find out how he's coming with his site, and post a link for it here. For the time being, visit his blog, read the posts, and make sure you read The Butterfly (A Villanelle).

Thanks again to Entrecard, I found The Big Picture - A Novel. This is a blog who's author, Tashabud, a self proclaimed dreamer, adventurer, risk taker, and hopeless romantic, is writing a novel. Each post is a chapter, and is really a good read. You have to go back to the first post to read from the beginning, be sure to have you snacks and drinks close by. It is a captivating story of Love and betrayal. I have not decided if the betrayal is between characters or a self betrayal by the main character. There are some twists and turns, which make for interesting and enjoyable reading.

Last but not least is a post I "Stumbled Upon"on the nonist, I'm adding it here for the pictures of places of perpetual dreams. Go and check the pictures and see what I mean, but definitely read the creative quip at the start, you'll find it amusing and entertaining.

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What I Miss About The Mountains


What I miss most about the mountains is the view. For at any time I could go out side and see a picture like this. We were surrounded on all sides by mountains. Living in a Mountain Park, made for beautiful scenery all the time. This particular photo was taken from Boreas Pass overlooking the town of Como. I had spent many a day on 2008-06-22-1802-09Boreas Pass both summer and winter. It was one of those easy drives, that you could make in a passenger car with no trouble, at least in the summer.

You can take the Boreas Pass Auto Tour as provided by the US Forest Service, and experience the history of the Denver South Park and Pacific Rail Road. Which is how Boreas Pass came to be. It was a link to Summit 2008-06-22-1803-00County during the mining day of Colorado History.

I am going to have to start finding fun and interesting sites here in Texas to visit. There are plenty of them around. I have found some on line I wish to see, just have to make the time for it I guess.

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Sleepy Saturday

All is right with the world today. I have finished my E Mail early, and completed all my Mixx notice reviews. I have even gone through and organized my bookmarks. That was not so easy. I had over 60 pages bookmarked, and had to go through and separate them into functional categories so I could find them easily. I decided to take a break from surfing for a little while, couple hours at least. So after I get this posted, I plan to go play at Plurk.

Blinda is in playing her Play Station games, she and her father trade games out with each other. Now that is something to laugh at, a 60 something year old guy addicted to Play Station, and good at it too. He'll buy a game, play it all the way through, then send it to Blinda, who does the same in reverse. She can get really into her Play Station, I guess just as much as I get into the Internet. At least we don't have to fight over the computer.

I am listening to my radio station on LaunchCast. I love that, no commercials, and you choose what you want to listen to. I have a mix of genres selected, and when a song comes up that I don't want to listen to, I just hit the "Never Play Again" button. You can rate songs as they are being played, and then LaunchCast matches your selections up with other users who have similar taste. Then they play song those other users liked. I have discovered some very good new to me music that way.

My toothache has finally subsided and is leaving me in peace for the time being. It was a very long night though. Due to not being able to sleep for most of the night, I managed to browse around and drop 196 Entrecards and read almost every one of the posts. You have no idea how time consuming that was. Entrecard even started posting the Wow and Go Go instead of the normal Thanks in the widgets. Its amazing what lack of sleep due to pain will do for you, or to you.

Anyway, I may regret it later, but I am about to open a Shiner, and a can of smoked baby clams and sit down to conversate with my fellow Plurktonians. Come on around, and join in the free and open conversations at Plurk. You will be surprised. If you have used Twitter, I bet you will become a Plurker also.

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What to Do? What to say?

I have been spending a considerable amount of time browsing all kinds of blog sites. I want to try and find where I'm going to fit in in this big wonderful world of blogging. There are site's about life, sites about art, sites about history, of course political sites, and personal sites, and sites about blogging. There is so much information out there it's had to absorb it all.

I like so many different things, that I don't want to limit myself to one area or topic. I like food, art, literature, technology, and so much more. Where do I go to try and fit in? Why do I feel this need to try to fit in? I want to be an individual, and do my own thing, but at the same time I want people to find my blog at least interesting and hopefully fun.

I think I will just continue to do posts on the things I find. I got some of the best traffic when I did the Writers of The Web post. I think I will bounce around and a little, and do a little of everything that I am interested in. I have found some great sites, and my bookmarks is overflowing with data. I will have to spend some time organizing that.

I know the one thing that I have to do, is come up with some form of schedule. I spend a lot of time reviewing items in my Mixx and Blog Catalog I sometimes run out of time. I have gotten better and sorting through the Mixx information, but there are still times it takes me up to 3 hours just to clear my E Mail. Then I still have sites I have bookmarked to come back to. Not to mention the social media sites I am involved in. I need to find a smooth pace, because my blog is feeling the effects of my long nights.

I will start doing a regular posting of at least once a day. If I find more stuff, it may be more. I will continue on the personal blog basis, and make it like a journal of my web activity, with some of the fun stuff that happens to me through the day. Most important though to improve my page rank, is that I have to make posts on a regular basis. I still have an assignment to do from one of my previous posts, don't worry spicymist, I have not forgotten, I have just been "preoccupied".

For now, I will go doctor my tooth ache that has grown from a dull throb to an unforgiving, constant nemesis to my concentration. Have a good site you want me to check out, leave me a comment.

Fire Fox 3.0 Now Available for FREE Download

Wow, I just downloaded Fire Fox 3. I like the look, it feels cleaner than the 2.0.14 and is most definitely faster. I started using Fire Fox about six months ago. I know "what took you so long". Well to be honest, I just had no idea how much better Fire Fox was. I had downloaded it a long time ago, and never really tried it. I was trusting IE for all my surfing.

About six months ago, I started having problems with My IE. It was slowing everything down, and taking forever to load things. Then one night, I just thought why not try Fire Fox. Boy was I surprised at the difference. Pages loaded so much faster, and I liked some of the security features. What I liked the most was all the add on's available for Fire Fox. One of the Add On's I use more than anything else, is Blog Rover. It is similar to an rss reader, but looks more like a directory page. What I like about it, is that when you go to a site that is listed in Blog Rover, it pops out a box, kind of like a scratch pad. There you will find information from current posts at the site, and what the site is about.

What got me writing this post, is the availability of Fire Fox 3. I have been waiting, on pins and needles for it come out. As soon as I received notification , I went and downloaded it. Fair warning though, some of the older Add On's do not work with Fire Fox 3. But there are some new ones that don't work with the old Fire Fox. Luckily for me Blog Rover still works.

If your still using IE, you really need to try out the new Fire Fox. I just know that once you do, you'll be hooked for life. Just click on one of the badges, and start enjoying the smoother faster browsing.

Greatest Man I Knew

2008-06-14-1344-54 Every time I hear Reba McEntire's Greatest Man I Never Knew, I think of My Father. He was one of those that was raised to not show any feelings. I think maybe he thought it was a weakness, or more correctly didn't want to let everyone else see his weakness. I think it was a generational thing. I can't ever remember hearing him say "I love You" with words. He did not really have to, because we all knew. He could say more with the touch of his strong work roughened hands than most people can say with their entire vocabulary. When he was proud of you, he would place his hand on the back of your neck, and just give the gentlest squeeze. That was his way of communicating how he felt.

He always wore blue jeans, and an old Stetson hat. My mother tried on a number of occasions to throw the hat away. Dad would go out and dig it out of the trash, and with a funny little grin, he would say "It took me too 2008-06-14-1348-03many years to get that dam hat to fit just right; to let it be thrown away, besides it has character". He always had jobs where he could take us kids to work with him. Dad was one of those people that could do just about anything he set his mind to. He was a surveyor for most of my childhood, and every summer we would go with him. On a number of occasions, he would forget to put spoons is the lunch pail for the fruit cocktail that was always present. No problem, he would just pull out his pocket knife, and whittle one out of a piece of lath. He taught us all, boys and girls alike, to be self sufficient. He would teach us to drive at a very young age, saying "You never know when I might get hurt, and you'll have to drive us home". He always had a down to earth way of thinking. We got to help him name the roads of the subdivisions he was doing. That's why there are names like "Gitchy Gooney Dad ReadingLane" and so on in many of those subdivisions.

One of Dads favorite pastimes was reading, and he managed to pass that along to us. I can remember sitting at the kitchen table with him until the late hours of the night reading Louis L' Amour, WEB Griffin, Clive Cussler, and many others. I used to think that I gained many of my traits from Louis L' Amours characters, but have recently figured out that they were also traits my father displayed on a regular basis.

He was a quiet man preferring to sit back and listen to see what was going on. At the same time, he was a man that people listened to and respected his opinion. Every time one of the city folk did something stupid, he would just shake his head and say "Those dam Flat Landers". There was one situation where 2008-06-14-1346-13his whole demeanor would change, and that was if there were infants, or small animals around. That was the only time he put out the ever present cigarette, and change into this big goofy man that loved to play with kids. Often sticking his false teeth out, and then laughing and smiling when the little kids would try to do it. He had the biggest soft spot for little kids and small dogs or cats. I used to laugh at him when he would make some comment to me about getting another dog or cat, but then he would sit down and play with them for hours. Dad had an unusual sense of humor, and loved music from the story tellers like Bobby Bare, Tom T Hall, Red Sovine, and Marty Robins.

Dad loved to ski, learning when he was in the Military in France and Germany. He used these old Head 220 skis with leather bindings. Once I asked him why he didn't get a new set of skis, and he said "I don't want any of those new fangled contraptions, I don't 2008-06-14-1348-56trust them". We were raised on skis. Dad being on the Ski Patrol at Geneva Basin, and later building the Indian Mountain Ski Area for the land sales office. We all held jobs at the ski area. It had one lift, a Palma lift. Really just a tow, You place a small disk at the end of a spring loaded pole between your legs and it pulls you up the hill, just make sure you don't try to sit down. Every weekend we went out there, and ran the ski area for all the home owners. It was just a small 5 run setup, but we had fun with it. We spent hours out there at night during storms so Dad could pack the snow, other wise it would blow away. Dad was instrumental in our 2008-06-14-1336-36school starting a ski program. 10 Saturdays a year the School would take all the kids that signed up to Breckenridge Ski Area, for lessons and free ski. After awhile the school started getting their own skis, donated by Gart Brothers Sporting Goods in Denver. Dad would be at the school every Saturday loading his old yellow truck, he called Shasta, up with the skis from the school. I asked him once why he named the truck Shasta, he said simply "She has ta have gas, She has ta have oil, and She has ta have water". Once at Breckenridge, he often helped their Ski Patrol.

When any one of us got our drivers permit, Dad would load a folding chair up in the back of the truck. and tell us we were going for a drive. He would sit in the passenger seat, giving little hints and tips like "don't drive with your foot on the clutch pedal. Change gears and then get your foot off the clutch." Then he would direct us to some back road we had never been on before. Once he found what he was looking for, he would say "see that snow drift 2008-06-14-1351-13_editedthere, drive through it". Once we were completely stuck, he would grab his folding chair, and take it over by the road to sit down, saying over his shoulder "now dig it out". Then he would make us change a tire, and check the oil, and anything else he thought was important.

Dad was the type of guy that would tell it like it was, and not mix words about. He would bend over backward to help you out if you were trying to help yourself. If a person was just asking for help, and not trying to help themselves, or make any change, he would let them be. During my high school years, we had a service station, wrecker 2008-06-14-1352-52_editedservice. There was also a liquor store attached. Dad would get very mad when people would come in trying to buy liquor with their food stamps, he would chase them off. Invariably one or two would come back with cash, and get very upset when he still would not sell them liquor. Dad would tell them flat out, that if you have to get help to buy food, the last thing you need is alcohol. He really did not care who he pissed off. It was not long before he changed the liquor store to a feed store. Dad hated it when people came in to use the bathroom and parked where it blocked the fuel pumps. He would always go out and ask them politely to move their vehicle, we had plenty of parking that did not block the pumps. Of course there were always those who thought they were too good to pay attention to the gas station man, and would come out to 2008-06-14-1354-40_editedfind their car dangling from the back of our wrecker. We had one guy who told my mother to do something unspeakable when she asked him to move his vehicle. Dad came out with a tire iron, and promptly tried to get the guy out of his fancy little Porsche. When the "gentleman" wouldn't get out and face up, Dad put a couple of dents in the car. He spent a little time on probation for that, but said on a number of occasions that he didn't regret it at all, he just wished the coward would have gotten out of the car so he could properly teach him a lesson on how to talk to a lady.

Lanny The day of Dads funeral, we had a serious snow storm that closed roads in a number of places. We figured it was him trying to get people not to make a fuss over him. There was still over 300 people that showed up to celebrate his life. I have been told by a number of people that they had never been to a funeral like it before. It was sad for us, but not a sad occasion if that makes any sense at all. It truly was a celebration of his life and the good memories. If he were standing here right now, he would be telling me to "get over it, its all part of life", while placing his hand on my neck, and giving me a little squeeze.

My sister did a tribute a couple years ago on one of her friends sites. Here is a link to that post if your interested. Fathers Day Tribute

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Ok so I was wrong

I'm talking about social networks again. Ya Ya I know "get over it". It can be fun, and you get some interesting things going sometimes. In my last post I talked about the social networks, and how much time they take up. I have been avoiding my Yuwie page lately because I figured everyone was going to be a little upset with me. Not the case, I am still getting just as many friend requests and comments as before.

Twitter was one I could never quite figure out. It is a unique concept, but are you going to sit there all day and respond to little single line comments. I know there really is more to it than that, but when I first signed up with them, that's what it seemed like. With Twitter, you can use your cell phone or PDA. There was even a case where a young man got arrested in China, and he managed to send a "Twit", resulting in his friends contacting the consulate and getting him released.

Well the new one on my desktop is Plurk. It is similar to Twitter, but you can respond to the posts within that post. It can be like having a conversation. Believe me some of the conversations get downright comical. Some of course are very serious, and then some are philosophical in nature. Mostly it is just friendly conversation. I had signed up with Plurk, about a week ago. I spent a little time there, and was not really getting the feel of it. I guess I just didn't say anything to perk much attention. It seemed to me that the conversations were more clickish at first, boy was I wrong.

I kept reading blog posts about how much fun everyone was having at Plurk, and thought I would give it another try. I went and hung out for awhile, posted a few responses to ongoing conversations, and started getting a few friends requests. Then I read this post tonight at Plurkiverse, a blog site about Plurk. I found this post through Mixx, my absolutely favorite Blogging community. The post was all about Karma, a Plurk term or rating. The more involved you are the more Karma you acquire, pretty simple huh. You would think so, but there is a little controversy going on over at Plurk about the Karma rating process. Nothing serious, but enough for them to rate a post.

I thought I would leave a comment, and for a change, I posted my Plurk user name, and next thing I knew, I had about thirty friends requests in about an hours time. I have downloaded an add on Plurk sidebar for Fire Fox, so I can keep up with what's going on while I'm surfing. Now I can continue my regular surfing while Plurking. All I have to do is figure out how to get my Plurk feed to my FriendFeed, and I'm all set. I'll keep my Twitter account, because my Mixx automatically updates my Twitter. But I think I will be slightly more active with Plurk, simply because it is fun. If your not using <!--" target="_blank">Fire Fox with the Google Toolbar yet, I suggest you get it, it's much faster than IE, and I think better. Then you can get the Plurk Sidebar and have a Plurking fun time. If you sign up using one of the links here, you'll automatically be my friend at Plurk. So we'll see you there, and have a Plurking good time with a little Plurkatude.

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Social Community Vs Blogger Community

I started out with Social communities. This is actually where I discovered blogging. I had, and still have an account on Yahoo 360. Which is where I had my first blog. It started out as just a family thing, you know to keep everybody informed of what I was doing. What it really did, was introduce me to reading blogs. I started searching blogs, and then it lead me to Blogger. Now isn't that interesting, a Yahoo service led me to a Google service. I don't even remember how it came about, I'm sure I was searching for anything Chihuahua. Finding Blogger allowed me to start the Chihuatude blog. Then I joined Windows Live, and got myself a Live Space account. This is where I discovered Live Writer, what a wonderful blogging tool. Then of course the was The Outdoor Channel, I joined this when we first got our AT&T digital TV service. They do not have Outdoor Channel, and I wanted to watch my favorite hunting shows. This whole phase is what I would call my beginner phase.

Then I joined FaceBook, and Twitter, and FriendFeed. At FaceBook, in one of the groups, I discovered Yuwie. and this exploded my community participation. Then I signed up at ZenZuu. The last two, Yuwie and ZenZuu are sites that "share profits". What I figured out is that you have to be on them almost constantly, viewing members pages, and concentrate on building a down line. What I mean is that focusing on getting people to join and viewing pages, takes allot of time. While it is fun, I love to search out more things in the way of reading material. I spent so much time on Yuwie, that I started missing my blog reading. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and still visit all the sites regularly. But FriendFeed is about the only one I really use now, mainly because it tracks many of my other community activities.

Then I discovered the Blogging Communities. They saved my sanity, for they fed my desires. I joined Digg, Stumbleupon, Mixx, Entrecard, SocialSpark, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, BlogMadd, BlogRush, and Blog Explosion. All these communities promote blogs, and feed you topics that might or might not be interesting. My favorite, and hence the ones that I use the most are Mixx, Entrecard, and BlogCatalog. Each for its own reason. Mixx because it's a very friendly community of people who share what they find on the Web. I know that I have gotten to read things because someone else found it first, but then I probably would not have found it if not for Mixx. BlogCatalog because it is a little more community oriented, and has a friendly atmosphere. They also share information, and techniques. I think it is a much better site for the blogging beginner like me. Entrecard because it is a community that allows you to advertise on other blogs by earning credits. You earn credits by dropping cards on other members. This entails surfing around and reading quite a few posts, right up my alley. I have found some very nice sites this way, and am finding even more through Mixx and BlogCatalog. Eventually I will get more active with Stumbleupon and Digg, but for some reason I don't feel as comfortable there as I do at Mixx.

What I have discovered, is that for me the Blogging Communities are more fun and useful. I still visit the Social Communities, but not nearly as much as I did. I have been spending so much time working on my two blogs, and really do appreciate all the helpful information I get at the Blogging Communities. So if you are one of my friends at the social communities, you now know why I have not been around as much.

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