A Way to Help The Troops for FREE

Yes you read it right. You can help our troops and it won't cost you a dime. Yahoo has teamed up with Any Soldier.com and are making an Internet search toolbar you can download for free. They support both IE and Firefox, and come loaded with all kinds of extra's. It's set up with Internet Radio, weather checker, pop up blocker and more. It is customizable with tons of add on's. I added Digg, Stumble, Del.ico.us, My Space, Yahoo 360, Blogger, Dictionary, and Thesaurus.

The cool part is that every time you use the search box on the toolbar, Yahoo will donate a few cents to Any Soldier.Com. How many time a day do we search the Internet. Why not use the toolbar to make that search, and get some more funds headed to non profits that help out the troops.

What exactly does Any Soldier.Com do? Simple, they help out by providing items the troops need. They have provided plumbing material so that hot showers would be available at a forward operating base. They have provided computers and technology equipment so the troops would have access to the Internet and advanced schooling. They provide special care packages for the troops. Heck go check out their site and see for yourself.

It doesn't matter what your personal position is on the war, we all support our troops, and want to help them, at least I hope so. Why not go check it out and see what's up, and while your there, grab a banner or badge to post on your site, help support those who are supporting our Troops. They have banners for any branch of service, so if you have a preference, no problem. While your there, if you can spare it, make a tax deductible donation, and be sure to get the toolbar, it's free even if you don't make a donation. If you want to be able to get something for your money, no problem. On the same page they have all kinds of things you can buy, coffee cups, mouse pad, pens, stickers, and hats.

Help make a Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, or Coast Guardsman's life a little more comfortable. It's the least we can do.

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Kel said...

Cool Stuff! I'm not sure I'm geeky enough to manage it, but heck, I've personal interest there eh?
Speaking of that (personal interest), Dominic's posting has been delayed now until mid July (see Mom smiling in relief). He's got mixed feelings about that. He's frustrated about this second delay, but happier with the new unit and job he'll be doing.

Eirc S. said...

About the tool bar, it is real easy, the website does all the work for you.

About Dom, I am glad to hear it. I'm sure he is disappointed, but the longer get to keep him home the better.

I was publishing my new post just as I received your comment. I can see you LOL

Kel said...

"See me?" Eeeek! I guess I'd better turn off my logicam! *wink*


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