Tasty Internet, a few fun and very tasty cooking sites I found

I got a craving for something tasty. What to do? Well of course the first thing I did was go check out some of my regular cooking sites. I just couldn't find anything that seemed to tickle my taste buds. But luckily, I have recently joined a new service or I guess it really is a blogging community, called Social Spark. This is a community of Blogger's that cover just about any topic you can think of. So naturally I had to check it out and just searched cooking. I came up with some very good blogs, with what sound like very tasty recipes. I can't wait to try them, but I thought I would post a few links so everybody can enjoy.

One of the first, was right up my ally, Cooking it Up With Hillbilly Willy. Naturally the name quirked my interest right away. Anyone who calls himself Hillbilly has got to be OK in my book. It rates right up there with Redneck. Anyway he had some very tasty looking recipes, one of which caught my attention almost immediately. Merlot Mushroom Burger, even sounds delicious, anything with mushrooms and beef burger has got to be great. Add in the Merlot and other ingredients and WOW. I can't wait to go to the store and get all the good stuff. Of course I will have to substitute the Beef with Venison burger. UM UM GOOD. Just as a side note, Willy was the first person to request a friends add on my profile.

Then there is Lisa Cooking "The easy way to cook". She has some very helpful daily tips and tricks, and a few very tasty sounding recipes. One that I found interesting, and never would have dreamed up is Veggie Mac & Cheese With Meatballs . I can think of a number of times that I thought about and did add things to my Mac & Cheese, usually just Vienna sausages or other types of sausage. Bet you will try this one sometime soon though. She has allot of recipes for the quick fast meal, and tips to help out.

Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen: Recipes from My Family to Yours
by Trisha Yearwood

Read more about this book...

The next was in the top 3 of site's listed at Social Spark. What's Cooking, The site title says it all "Thoughts and Recipes of a Kitchen Adventurer". Because I have a taste for some spicy food, my body does not always agree, I found a very tasty sounding chicken recipe, Pollo Asado and Yellow Rice. This recipe will add a Latin flare to your meal. They also had a very good sounding Lamb Wellington. All kinds of things to make your mouth water.

There are a few more. For snacks or appetizers, why not try some Indian cousin. The Art of Cooking Indian Food, is a blog with recipes for the Indian taste. They had a recipe for Samosa "The famous Asian Appetizer. This sounded like a very tasty treat, and I can't wait to try it. There were also a number of other Indian recipes, that sounded very good, but I do not have the gut's to try them yet. Just give me some time though.

On another blog, The Cooking Momster, I found a recipe for sweet buns. She explains where she had originally gone wrong with her method, and then goes on to show how you can change and play with ingredients to get different results.

Well I hope you enjoyed my stroll down the culinary superhighway. If you have interesting links with outstanding, tasteful recipes please leave a comment with the link. Everybody knows a Small Town Mountain Boy enjoys his food. I am especially looking for wild game recipes.

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Kel said...

Oh my gawd, LOL!!! My little brother's a "foodie!" Will the revelations never cease?!

Can you believe that Mother hasn't got a very able set of taste buds at all? She actually told me last visit that can't remember any particularly unique, special, or delicious meal. I was floored.

The RanDawg and I are dedicated foodaholics. So many of our trip memories are anchored by a particularly awesome meal. Like the salmon chowder in a pub in Ireland that I can only describe as a mouthgasm ~ trancendent.

And I enjoy cooking and using spices that I've learned of during our various travels.

Eirc S. said...

I love to cook, its the clean up that sucks. But if you make the meal good enough, it's well worth the work at the end.

The best food I ever had was in Germany. They had this restaurant in Berlin on on the Soviet side of the Wall (before it came down) just along the route to Check Point Charlie. They had the best meal I have ever eaten there, and we were treated as royalty. Here we were, five American Soldiers in Class A uniform, in Soviet controlled Berlin eating at a very elegant restaurant. Waiters in tux and tails, taking care of every culinary desire.

Kel said...

Boy . . . I'd be hard pressed to identify a "favorite meal." There have been so many exceptional meals . . . .

I think the country, so far, that had the most really incredible meals in one trip was Thailand. But Peru is a close second, even though the food styles are completely different.

Both the hubby and I are admitted sensualists, and so an absorbtion with searching out the best and brighest chefs wherever we go is to be expected I suppose. But we've also had really exceptional food moments just pulling off the road to wet the whistle at some biker bar.

But you've probably already noticed my preoccupation with dining descriptions in my email diaries from the various trips this last several years. LOL

Kel said...

P.S. Regarding the the "not fun" of cleaning up after cooking, I swear that the new kitchen layout here at Casa Kipp has made a WORLD of difference with how fast and much more convenient clean up is.

When we redid the kitchen we took the old one out completely to the studs, and each cabinet and drawer was designed into the whole with a specific purpose.

The sink we chose is a nice big sink partioned into two separate sinks, one a little higher and narrower that other. Which means I have nice easy-to-reach-into little sink to use for cleaning veggies, etc., and still have a nice big, deep sink to collect bowls, pots, whatever, while I'm cooking.

We moved the dishwasher to the other side of the sink below the cabinets designed to receive the glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, etc. And the silverware drawer is immediately to right, so that emptying the dishwasher is fast because we can stand in one place while putting away most of the clean items.

And I got rid of A LOT of duplicate items and miscellaneous things that just weren't used much. And then we bought a narrow selection of very specific-use cooking tools that make certain tasks go much more quickly ~ and everything goes right into the dishwasher, very little needs handwashing.

To have the layout of the room redone for optimum efficieny, and have "a place" for everything that is specific to the items's size and depth and frequency of use makes for easy cooking useage and much quicker clean up.

Okay, okay, I'll stop bragging about our lovely kitchen now. I think you need to come out to visit and see it for yourself!

Eirc S. said...

My current profession, allows me the opportunity to explore many different kitchen layouts. I seen some, that I think the owner probably never set foot in other than to get a glass of water, but it had all the most expensive, and totally useless appliances and fixtures.

The best have always been the most simple, with a good triangle appliance lay out. Sink one pint, Stove another point, and refrigerator another. all relatively easy to get to with a minimum of steps, or movement.

Flanboyant Eats said...

Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my Cuban Pollo Asado recipe on Ben's What's Cooking blog! You gotta get into more cooking! :)

Eirc S. said...

Flamboyant,Thanks for coming by, I am trying to get into a little more here and there, it is more a hobby. Every once in awhile I have to satisfy a particular flavor desire I have at that moment. Thats when I really do the searches to find good food.


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