Star Trek Fans may lose Experience.

Have you ever been to Quark's Bar? Neither have I. Unfortunately we may not get the chance to go before long. According to the The Las Vegas Review Journal , Star Trek The Experience at the the Las Vegas Hilton may be closing.

Some of you are probably saying "what's that got to do with a small mountain town". Well my whole family grew up watching Star Trek. We are all devoted Trekies, not to the extent of putting on costumes and so on (except maybe one, I'm not sure about her LOL ;) We have all probably seen every Star Trek movie, and spin off episode. My personal favorite is Enterprise.

It was a major part of our youth. You have to understand we only had 2 TV channels, and one really did not come in that great. Every day after school we would watch Gilligan's Island and Star Trek. It seemed like a staple of our youth. My Father even enjoyed the show and of course Star Wars.

I have heard for years, from my sister, about Star Trek The Experience. She told me on numerous occasions that I would have to go see the place. She, I won't use her name so everybody will have to guess which one LOL ;) has been there on a number of excursions. She revealed me with storied of Quarks Bar, where you can eat in a setting of the Deep Space Nine Station. You can go on rides like The Klingon Adventure, and Borg Invasion. She always made it sound very interesting. Just as a side note, I asked her to email me some pictures of her last visit, but she didn't. I think she was afraid I would post them on the blog LOL :).

Anyway according to the Las Vegas Review Journal the popular attraction may be closing because a new lease agreement has not yet been singed. I can't believe that The Las Vegas Hilton would give up such a well know attraction. There is no doubt that the Star Trek fans are know for being some of the most dedicated, and devoted around. I would think the Las Vegas Hilton would be bending over backward to accommodate and convince the attraction to stay.

I just hope that I will be able to go see this place my sister loves so much before its too late.

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Kel said...

Okay, I'll own up to it . . . I have broken out the old stage makeup box, and theatrical costume bins and attended a few events as some one or another of my favorite Trek species. I'll see if I have any photos and will send you them just for the chuckles. I spent an entire day at work once, on Halloween, dressed as a Vulcan ambassador. All day! And not once did I succumb to that most human of all traits: emotive display! Live long and prosper.

T'Kel said...

Oh . . . P.S. I too had heard, with sorrow burgeoning in my heart, of the closer at the end of this year of Quark's and the Star Trek Experience rides. You need to get there little bro before the end, it is truly awesome and a real kick!
Maybe we could do a "mini-family reunion" there?

Eirc S. said...

How did you know I was talking about you. I figured Chris would think I was talking about her LOL. I hope that I can figure something out, we'll see.

Kel said...

Chris? In costume? I can't picture it.

Tinaleigh said...

You're right, no costumes.

A family reunion in the fall maybe?

Eirc S. said...

Ah! no costumes, why not, not guts no glory. Um Family reunion Possibility


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