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I have spent a large amount of time lately cruising the web, reading Milblog after Milblog. I am constantly amazed at the amount of information that is out there. Many of these authors have an undeniable talent for the TALE. Story tellers of old would be proud.

One thing that stands out is the circumstances they find themselves in on a regular basis. The decisions that have to be made on a split second, but reviewed by those who have the time, leisure and comfort of not being there. The quote that comes to mind, is one I learned in defensive handgun tactics class, "I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six". I have to respect these soldiers restraint, I don't know if I would be able to restrain myself in the same situation.

Take for instance a story related on the site Iraq: The Purgatorium about a patrol they had and a situation when they had an old guy riding down the road toward them on a bicycle. The old man would not respond to hand signals or loud verbal commands. He just kept riding toward them. Check out the site to see what happens

One of my favorite Milblog is Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal The author, Lt G. has a unique ability to tell a tale and make you feel as if your right there beside him as he points out the sights to you. One of his latest post's, The Happiest Dog in Iraq, makes you see how separated from a normal life they get. It also makes a good illustration of who the friendship of a simple dog can change they way you feel, in just about any circumstance

Then another of my regular reads, is going to be gone. For a good reason, the author has returned home to his family after a successful deployment. Badgers Forward has been an interesting read from time to time. When the author got transferred to a new posting in his battalion, he kinds slowed down. He no longer had the regular contact with his men, and it seems did not want to write about anything that could effect operational security. Kudos to him.

One of my new finds, Third Time's a Charm, had a recent post about how much trouble they had on a convoy, just to go to the PX and handle their banking. I found it interesting, that something we do almost daily, we take for granted how convenient it is for us to have a Wal Mart, doctors office, or drug store a short drive away. This one is out of Afghanistan.

You'll also notice that I have a widget in my sidebar for The Sandbox. This is a site that is run by the creator of Doonsbury Gary Trudeau. It is a blog that highlights exceptional a different Milblog each day, by all different authors.

I have been reading many of these blogs for quite some time, but have recently gotten more involved in them because of our families personal stake in the matter now. It is interesting to read what is going on over there from a soldiers perspective. You can also follow along and actually see the change in their perspective and morale be reflected in their writing. I think very highly of all our Armed Service's, but have to admit am biased toward the Army due to my service, all be it peace time service.

Check out some of the sites, and read the comments they get. You will be surprised at the reaction these Soldiers are receiving. All positive, and wishing them the best, I have yet to find a negative comment one.

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Kel said...

I know the theme "I'm trying hard not to think about it . . " is probably getting old. Oh well, so am I.
I suspect that once Dom is deployed I will be more able to get my head into it and want to get into the MilBlogs just so that I can get some sense of what he'll be facing over there.
I know that I mentioned how cool the bluejean theme is, but I really like the "bookshelf" too. You find the coolest stuff!

Eirc S. said...

Thanks, The blue Jeans are for Dad. I feel older and younger every day if that makes any sense. I found the book shelf on another blog I was reading, and clicked the "Get Your Own" button. Stay tuned, I think my next post will be about all the sites I am a member of and how they are having an effect on the way I look at the Internet.


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