Kellie Pickler spends time with the Troop's

I just spent an enjoyable and emotional hour watching Kellie Pickler's USO Diary on GAC. This was Kellie's first USO tour, and she did it in style. I loved the personal interaction she had with a number of the Troops. She also got to take part in the Promotion of an Officer, and the re-enlistment of another Soldier. What a fitting show to air on Memorial Day.

What really took me by surprise was the fact that she let her emotions out, and shared a difficult moment with a member of our Armed Force's. I got the feeling from her that she was very humbled by the Troops and the commitment that they have made. She obviously enjoyed her tour, and definitely made the troops happy.

There were some fun scenes of her riding in a Bradley, and the many helicopter rides. and of course her performances. I loved that she made the troops part of the performance. Kellie is such a down to earth person, she was a perfect choice to send over to boost troop moral. She let her sense of humor show, and gave the Troops a great show.

I was also impressed with her acknowledgement that all the coins and certificates she received, she felt were undeserved. She made a point of explaining about the unit coins, each unit has its own individual coin, and how they are awarded to soldiers who perform extremely well. Kellie received many of these coins, and I think she truly felt undeserving. She continually stated how she could not do what they do, and that she had only been there for a few days. Kellie said that she felt guilty for accepting the coins, but knew it would be disrespectful not to. It is refreshing to see someone like her doing what she does best to help out the troops, and give them a small respite from the dangerous duties required of them.

I'm sure all the troops would have told her that she did more for their moral than she could possibly believe. Take the time to check out the show information at GAC , and then if you can go to the USO site and help them help the troops.

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