I Voted For DAVID

I have been following American Idol for the full season. I had a few favorite's, but Both David's were among the top for me from the start.

David Archuleta surprised me from the first time he sang. I don't know how many people were thinking the same thing I was that episode. Here we have a very nice young man who talked a little raspy. He then says that he had some previous vocal or throat problems. I was thinking "poor guy, he probably won't do well, I hope Simon is easy on him". Then I heard him sing, and was amazed. Archuleta, I think had very few poor performance's over the season, just a few where he was uncomfortable.

Then you have David Cook, the rocker, with a new sound. I liked most of his performance's, except when he was placed in a position where he had to sing something that just did not fit his style. I was surprised on a number of occasions, when he showed the level of emotion that he did.

In the end, it was David Cook, with some 56 percent of the vote. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. Then I guess at this stage they both are winners. Both I am quite sure will have phenomenal careers. I suppose that Cook was the logical choice, but it would have been interesting to have the youngest ever American Idol.

What did you think about the song George Michael sang. I found it interesting, and thought provoking. It had a slight religious connotation to it but was good. While he was singing, I kept thinking "I hope it's not the year of the beggars". Of course one of my favorite Idols ever, Carrie Underwood sang her new song.

Congratulations to David Cook, and I hope David Archuleta get a record contract also.

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